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Best rates for international calls



1420 Mins 10 Euro

*100% Quality Guarantee



833 mins 10 Euro

*Pay less, talk more



1420 mins 10 Euro

*Per 30 second billing

My Dialer is a varmstra communication channel whereby a customers use to pass across information to another through a cheap phone call, by simply making use of any of the following Options:

A varmstra customer with My Dialer active and verify account and with fund in his or her my dialer wallet, will be able to use any of the above calling options to call any one in the world, no matter the continent or country in the world at a very discounted rate of about 50% cheaper than local telecom providers.

Start Calling In Three Simple Steps

By Cards, PayPal, Mobile money, Crypto currencies and many others

from any phone or with our free Android and Apple store app or computer soft phone application

No hidden fees

Pay only for the minutes you use. No hidden charges or other fees.

Balance Never Expires

Your Voice Credit never expires as long as your account is active.

Per 30 second billing

You will be charged for your calls by 1 minute rounding.

100% Quality Guarantee

Great call quality guaranteed by the latest telecom technologies.

Call with Access Numbers

Works from any phone, landline or mobile No internet or computer needed. Access numbers in more than 40 countries
Find your access number

Call Using SIP devices

Works with any sip device connected to an internet, can be used for phone booths, callshops etc.
Find find more about sip devices

Call with Apps

Call without a PIN by downloading our mobile apps from play store or apple store.
Download our FREE app

Call with Softphones

Works on a computer with the help of internet. If needed contact our support to help guide you
Contact our support team now

How It Works

Connect with your family and love ones around the world without breaking banks in just few steps:

Registration of Varmstra account
Create an account for an account if you are new or Or Login
Generation/creation of My-dialer credentials
After a successful signup or registration of a varmstra account, a my dialer account will automatically be generated/created in your varmstra account. Also your username and and password to login across all my dialer platforms will be generated with a my dialer wallet.
Viewing my dialer username and password
To see your my dialer login information’s, locate the my dialer menu in your varmstra dashboard and click on my-dialer, then profile.
All information’s that can be found in my dialer Profile
When you click on profile in the my dialer menu, you will see the following:
  • your my dialer wallet, contacts and call history
  • SIP information’s required for sip usage
  • You’re Username & password inside the show credentials button.
Making your First call
To make your first call, copy you’re my dialer username and password, add funds to your wallet, and add a phone number in the phone menu. That’s it.
Choosing the right way to make calls
Decide how you want to call, with calling card, or using Sip devices or our mobile apps or computer softphone.
Find our here
Using any of the apps to call
If you choose to use any of our free apps, just Download it here and enter your my dialer username and password and start calling.

Make smart calls with our free international calling app

Call over WiFi
Call over 3G/4G-LTE/ 5G