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Before withdrawing money , you must first have money in your account. Varmstra permits all it registered Mobile money (MoMo) account owners to receive money directly into their MoMo accounts both abroad from it remittance(partners) and locally from local bank accounts in Nigeria.

Option 1: Receiving Money Into A Varmstra MoMo Account

(Receiving money from our International Remittance or Partners)

You can recieve money from your varmstra mobile money account in three simple steps :

Provide your sender with your valid mobile phone number or bank(MoMo) details (name, MoMo account number and account name) of your varmstra momo account.

Request that your sender goes to any of our Varmstra International Remittance. Partner’s outlet or website and select s the remittance he/she wish to use.

If your sender enter your informations correctly and send the money successfully,ou will recieve an instant message confirming that the fund is in your varmstra account or directly into your bank account.

Option 1: Receiving Money Into A Varmstra MoMo Account

(Receiving money from local Nigerian banks nationwide)

Your can received money from a local Nigerian account in several ways :

Share your varmstra MoMo account number to friends and family to transfer you money to it or you transfer from any other Nigeria account to it, by internet banking, USSD transfer and more.

Use the varmstra Local Nigeria transfer wizard to transfer money into your varmstra MoMo Account. To do this, visit how to transfer money to Nigeria local banks

Withdrawing Money From A Varmstra MoMo Account

Withdraw the money send to your varmstra MoMo account through any of our remittance/partners , from a friend or family in two EASY Options :

Withdrawing It Yourself into Your local bank accounts Link to your Varmstra account.

You can withdraw any money send to your varmstra account, using any of our 17 plus remittance into any local bank account of yours following these steps:

  • Using our website or the app go to the wallet menu and to withdrawal
  • In the withdrawal Menu under withdrawal type, choose My Bank as a withdrawal method
  • Follow the screen prompt and choose the bank of choice you have link to your varmstra account. and continue by clicking on the Transfer to bank
  • Follow the Guide of the Screen and finish your withdrawal.
  • Receive a confirmation message via email or SMS of the transaction

Withdrawing Using An Reseller Outlet

You can withdraw any money send to your varmstra account from any of our 17 plus international remittance into any local bank account of yours ,using our reseller outlets or partners following these steps:

  • Visit One Of Our Reseller Or Partner Location nation wide
  • Go to the Wallet menu and to the Withdrawal Menu and choose the reseller Option as a withdrawal method
  • Generate an reseller code and give to the reseller