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It has never been this easier to top-up your Nigeria prepaid mobile phones credit and data. We have done everything on the infrastructural works and made it easy for you to sit back and enjoy sending airtime to yourself, friends and loves one in just a click.

Send airtime and data to all Nigeria telecom in three different easy and simplified forms,

  By making use of the payment in Nigeria wizard/menu,
  By making use of the Top-up wizard/menu and
  By making use of the Pay bill wizard/menu.

Pay against any provided merchant service

Select a Merchant
Chose a Service
Enter Amount
Reference No

Delivering mobile top-up to millions worldwide

Recharge quickly and stay connected with the people that matter most.

Settling utility,voip,glocery,cable & telecom bills to millions worldwide

Select a Country
Pick an Operator
Chose a service
Enter Product

Top-Up 200 Million Plus Nigerians Nation Wide

Top-up Major GSM mobile operators such as :

You Have A Wide Variety Of Payment Methods To Pay For Your Top-up

Take advantage of the availability of lots of local banks in Nigeria to pay for a top-up. Just select rave or paga payment during checkout and then choose pay with Bank on the list of payment under rave or paga.
Take advantage of the plus 35 crypto currencies payment processors integrated into our platform and pay for your top-up’s using crypto-currency. Crypto-currency is the future of payments.
Take advantage of the varmstra wallet that comes with your account , your electronic bank account with varmstra .Its Simple by just opening an account with us and make your first funding to your wallet with Naira. With fund in your varmstra wallet, you will have the option to choose wallet balance during checkout.
Pay for top-up’s by simply selecting the rave payment and then pay with bank transfer method during the checkout process and our platform will display a bank account you will use to transfer funds to and instantly your account will be top-up.
Pay for top-up’s with any Nigeria Visa, Master or Verve card or even virtual