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Varmstra Rewards Programs

Rewarding the mobile generation in this digital era.

Letting your favorite digital payment service provider reward you for just using or selling it product(s).

What is Varmstra Rewards?

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Use a product and get a loyal point to gain you a reward.

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Keep earning rewards as your purchasing power increases. Receiver your rewards by SMS or email

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Claim your rewards by Converting your voucher reward pin from us into real cash.

Varmstra Rewards is a benefits program for all varmstra users both customers, verified resellers and businesses who have enrolle d in the program. Please visit our reward program website for enrolment or visit our FAQ page for more information on the program.

We’re a cost free, unique digital and simplified payment service provider that uses the rewards programed, to help our members to reduce the cost of their phone bills, utility bills etc. simply by shopping/making regular purchases to people that matters in their lives to favorite or our major global operators worldwide. Through the reward program some customers end up having about 20%+ discount or even eliminating their mobile phone bills entirely. Click here to know the eligibility of our reward program

Besides direct selling of mobile airtime top-up and others, usually clients also reduced the spending’s by constantly using our services and getting rewards in return. Additionally, Reseller and businesses can further give rewards for marketing campaigns (increase engagement or giving rewards when they watch video or advertisement etc. These rewards are aside from the bonuses you receive from your local telecom provider.

How it works

By simply enrolling at our reward program site here after acquiring a verified account on varmstra website. And securely shop on our products continually to increase your loyalty points and get rewarded.

How you can evaluate benefits of reward program?

At varmstra rewards, we confidently incentivize higher consumer spend for our partners (global telecom providers), as well as giving our customers the best rates— this means for some operators/network, we unlock a large market segment they would otherwise not have access to.

On average, we see Varmstra members spend 20% more per visit than any other customer; rewards are calculated at a percentage of total spend, so the members know the more they spend the more they save.

Statistics show that customers, resellers and business are more likely to commit to a higher level of sales or renew their contract with their current provider because of the rewards they achieve.

Does it work?

Oh yes, it does. Don’t just take our word for it. We have over thousands of members, and here’s what some of them have to say about us…
  • Great way of saving money — and just carry on shopping as you already are — Jimmy Sam
  • Already had one payment to mobile and another one is due. Great — Sussy Jack
  • Great being able to shop/ eat out and get rewarded for doing so! — Charlie chev
  • If you’re not involved, get on board now! — Michael Chick

Which mobile networks will it work on?

Varmstra Rewards (voucher pin) could only confirm it works on all most global major networks within varmstra top-up coverage- including network operators in Africa, Europe, the Americas, Middle East etc.

How to do it?

Enroll in the program by creating an account on Varmstra website or mobile and then by Signing Up at the Varmstra Rewards program website , to join. Fill in the details that are requested and you are on your way to earning member rewards and benefits each time you make use of our product through varmstra platforms ( web or mobile app).
By registering on and signup on our reward platform, our data base automatically recognizes you and records/tracks all your spending’s/transactions. If you MAKE any successful transaction from an eligible product a cashback/loyalty point will be offer to by SMS or an email or even a web-portal through a voucher pin.
Once you hit any of our available threshold to claim the reward, will send you a reward voucher pin of the equivalent of the loyalty points you have made as per your consumption. Once you receive the voucher pin, you'll need to go back on our reward site here and redeem (claim) your reward. You can claim part or all of your reward by inputting the phone number you wish to reload or top-up with your rewards or input your voucher PIN and confirm your information’s to check your reward balance.

To successfully make full use of your rewards, you can use your voucher pin to reload your phone or phones of your love ones prepaid data/credit .To do so, use the following few simple and easy steps:


Once you receive the voucher pin from us and are ready to start claiming a reward, you'll need to go back on our reward site here and start redeeming (claim) your reward.


On the reward platform input the phone number you wish to reload or top-up (the phone number can be any phone number in the world input in addition format) with your rewards.

Enter or Select the amount you want to send
Enter your code and the phone number will receive the reload (data/credit) instantly.

How much can I earn?

All varmstra users such as customers, verified resellers and business account holders who have signup for our reward program here and are make use of the accounts continually, will keep increasing their loyalty points thereby increasing their rewards too. There is order in which points are raise. Just engage in using our products, and your reward bank/account will never run dry. There’s no limit on how much you can earn, so if you’re planning a big purchase or you’re a little one, no problem. It all depends how you intend to make your reward grow.

When does will my top-up/sales become a reward?

Once your total purchase or top-up or sales hits the minimum required threshold , which varies depending on the operator’s network you top-up or sell to, you can convert some or all of the balance found on your reward voucher pin into credit for your reward program account. You THEN redeem (claim) the rewarded loyalty points in your voucher pin into money by making sales of mobile data or mobile credits to others. Varmstra Rewards voucher pin is cover by most of our major global network operators, and during the sign-up and top-up prices, we would verify you by send you a code to make sure you’re really the one. Getting rewarded for shopping is great!

Why do I need to provide my email or SMS/Phone for enrollment?

Your e-mail address and/or mobile number is required as part of the enrollment process. Providing at least one form of communication, email and/or SMS, allows varmstra to keep you informed of your membership status, discounts, other promotions and changes to the program.

Do I need a promo code for the reward discount?

Your Rewards are captured in your account and are automatically track and save at our data base as you consumed. You do not need to provide any promo codes.

Can a family member or a close friend use my reward program account to make transactions?

Your varmstra Rewards account is strictly personal and tied to your personal account and information. For companies it’s strictly tied to the company representative name. As this will not work with someone else’s account. Other people or family members can join the program through the varmstra main platforms (web and mobile) and then enrol l too at the reward program site.

How do I cancel my membership in the varmstra Rewards Program?

To cancel your membership in the program, contact varmstra customer service by either submitting a request online on the knowledge base or chat platforms. Note: Any Rewards issued to you will immediately expire when you cancel your membership, so make sure to use them before you cancel. You can always enroll in the program again with a new member number and new transactions history for rewards and membership status.

Who Is Varmstra Rewards Program For?


As a varmstra user you too can earn loyalty points and get rewards by using our products.


As an reseller, create a markets and top up contacts and more and earn rewards.


As registered business or company, create a markets for your company or business and top up contacts and more and earn rewards. Or increase your customer’s engagement by rewarding them.

Increase your customer engagement

Do you own a business, a registered company etc., and wish to motivate your customers by rewarding them with airtime credit or data? Then Varmstra have you covered. Find out more on how to do that.

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