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Partner with us and save 25% By offering our services as an

Create market for yourself in your region in supermarkets, retail shops, cyber shops , call shops etc. and add money transfer and other Varmstra services to it. That’s it, start making money with the most secure, cheap and flexible money transfer service establish with your business at heart.

Many Business Grow Just By Partnering With Us

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Pay suppliers on behave of companies

Settle all international bills in a click 51+ countries, in multiple currencies.

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Help others send/receive money

Send/receive money to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Low fees to all nations

Let your saving keep growing as you send money across Africa and the world at great discounted rates.

Increase sales in your Business By Introducing Your Customers to Our treasured Virtual Cards

Give your customers a

  • More secure,
  • More personalized and
  • More trackable way for all payment of goods online

Advise yourself & your customers pay in a click

  • All their needs online at the comfort of their office.
  • Or online at the comfort of their home.
  • Its faster, completely safe, flexible and easier to manage

A truly borderless card

  • A multi-currency virtual cards (USD & Naira)
  • Card full of option , master , visa and naria
  • A card link directly to a users’ wallet
  • A wallet loaded with many products
  • High limit & Immediate access of fund
  • Create Unlimited cards
  • Create cards at discounted rates
  • Create cards of different kinds like gift, amazon etc to suite your business needs

More Than Just Sending Money

As an reseller you have lots more to offer to your region, community or city and still be doing your main business.You can carrier out the following additional services .

Become a global & local top up reseller

Send top up and data on recipients ,users etc to their love ones on their behave to over 600 operators across 150+ countries worldwide

Become a VOIP reseller for call shops, users etc

Create markets for persons, Companies, traders to use our my dialer product and create them accounts on your dashboard and start making money.

Pay global & local bills on behave of others

Pay utility, television, internet, grocery and telecom bills to millions worldwide at best rates more than your local community resellers

Cross border Payments fully designed with your business in mine

Move your money your way, anywhere

Send payments to suppliers, users and contractors on behave of the company or user across Africa and the world with a click at your office, and on the go and across all devices using our seamless mobile apps, web and tablets.

Do payments as many times as possible

We offer high limits for our resellers and so you can send great amount as many time as possible in minutes without restraint.

How to get started

Apply for an account

Fill the registration form with valid information of your business/company

Proof to us you own a registered business

We verify,you comply & get approve

Set transfer(s) and start saving