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Settle all your bills with over 300 bill providers across Nigeria without stress in few simple steps

Register for an account or Sign in

Enter your credentials such as email, name, phone and username carefully as requested by the registration form.

Relax with a click on a phone or a computer

We have done everything for you, just need to go through any phone or a computer anywhere you are, anytime and login to your varmstra account and go to menu, payments in Nigeria.

Select the merchant (biller) and the service type

On the merchant payment screen, choose your merchant/biller in the list and then select the kind of service you wis

Enter amount

Type the amount of the bill you wish to pay in the amount field

Enter your reference No. or account Number or User ID

In the reference field enter your account number or reference number of your account with your merchant provider and click on proceed to payment if you are okay with the payment fee display

Make payment

Choose how you want to pay In the list of available payment options generated on the invoice and make payment.

Pay all form of bills on the Go, anywhere, anytime without stress

Pay cable TV bills such as DSTV , GoTV., TSTV, Star times, MyTV and many more.
Pay for jamb forms and all related Jamb services.
Pay for waec registration at the click of a button anywhere, any time.
Pay all uber bills and services without any hassle
Pay for electricity bills to all popular electricity merchants such as JOS, PHCN, PhED, Kano, Benin etc.
Pay for for your hospital bills at home or office or on a go
Pay for all your broadband internet bills, data and phone bills

Start Paying With Our Simple , Easy And Flexible Bill Payment Wizard

Select a Merchant
Chose a Service
Enter Amount
Reference No