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Subscribe to an online platform that that have be structured to benefit all (individuals, reseller) to send money across Africa and the world across all devices ,smartphones, tablet or computer on the web and app. Varmstra offers a simple, secured, faster and greater convenience services in money transfer, bill payment, international calling and more.

More than Just Sending Money

Make Cheap Calls

Send money to friends by bank transfer, swift transfer, mobile money or using mobile wallets.

Send money and top up to friends & family

Send money in a click to friends and families in 51+ countries, in multiple currencies.

Create Unlimited Virtual Cards

Create virtual gift, amazon and other cards used globally to purchase ads and other things online

Seamless transactions across all mediums and devices

Transact on the go

→ On the web

→ Using our mobile apps

A friendly website on

→ All computer devices

→ All smart phones

→ All Tablets

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