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About Varmstra

We are aware of the challenges you go through to send money, pay your bills and many others after your tight schedules. So we're WORKING VERY HARD day by day to make it easier for you settle your bills or top-up for yourself and that of your to family and loves ones. Rest assure that whichever of our product you choose, We’ll get it done conveniently, quickly, securely, and at the best exchange rates – making sure your hard earned money goes further. Visit our career page see the people behind our success.

As a youth with all the odds and network connectivity in Africa, in the 2000’s, Mbejong Roland A. needed to pick up some a financial support send to him from a family friend in Europe through western union. Every transaction meant a long journey to a western union reseller location. This will mean leaving one city to another that might take days before having the money, after some accumulated expenses for transports and other miscellaneous. To make things worse, it was a horrible situation to send money out of Africa. Banks levy customers with very high charges and it will take days for the recipient to cash the money. Aside of money transfer, aspect of bill payments will require chain of lines at the merchant offices that will take hours only to settle a bill. At times they will even send us back home to go and come back the next day because of lack power energy. Adding airtime to phone was also a nightmare and so this was a very big challenge that provoke me to start thinking since then. In 2019, he decided to try to make a difference in an industry that supports millions of people exactly like him.

Mbejong’s vision to help people like him ‘’improving the lives of those they care about’’, is at the heart of everything ‘’Varmstra’’ stands for today. With the help of co-founder Mrs Atemnkeng Anna Bessem and a great woman Mrs Ime Etoro-Obong Inyang, who has been the brain behind the kick off of this revolution, Mbejong founded Varmstra to bring an offline industry to an online future now led by CEO Mbejong Roland A. We’re taking the revolution that Mbejong and his team started in Uyo Nigeria and Buea Cameroon to Johannesburg South Africa and worldwide. We believe in helping our customers’ hard work to go further. We aimed at helping millions save cost in bringing digital payment to their bills, airtime top-up, money transfer and other lots of services to their door step. Research shows that digital payment of services has helped thousands of people save a lot, every week.So we believe that with our unique business, we will be able to help many people save cost by bringing digital payment to their bills, airtime top-up, money transfer and many more other services.

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