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Varmstra Pricing Comparison

What are the cheapest way to provide our products and services to your love ones abroad?

We remain steadfast on offering you a fast, simple and secure way to send your money, pay bills, send top-up and more abroad, but we know that you'll also appreciate keeping your costs as low as possible. We can help you save money.

Save with Varmstra

We’re on average cheaper than sending money through most banks.

It’s of very important to us that we’re price competitive. We want you to get the best rates, and to only pay the lowest fees.
We’ve worked out that our prices are, on average, less than the costs you would incur when sending money transfers from most banks globally.
Using the World Bank data found here , you can carry out a price comparison for yourself.
After some careful researches, we found out that using Varmstra will make you have a great saving when compared to other money transfer providers.
In our research using the World Bank’s Q1 data for 2020 to compare our prices against top money transfer operators such as Ria, Western Union and Moneygram etc we notice that our rates are always the best .

We're an average cheaper against other top money transfer competitors.

Save up to 90% when sending to another Varmstra user

All varmstra account comes with a wallet and transfers between wallets in any currency from any country are instant and cheap.

Send top-up globally at transparent great rates in minutes.

Settle utility bills and others at your comfort without any high charges. We have the best rates in the market.

Make international callings with quality voice at cheap and per second rates.

How does Varmstra keep prices so low?

So, how does Varmstra operate? As a digital payment service provider (company), in money transfer, airtime top-up, and bill payment services, we don't have to spend money on expensive high street premises. Instead, we invest in three things:
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Low Fees

Special discount rates on all first transfers. Varmstra resellers and Business customers get more discounts on their all first transfers. After that, you pay an amazing low fee per transfer. Banks and money transfer shops charge you higher rates per transfers.

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Great exchange rate

Other competitors advertise low fees, then take a cut of your transfer by offering a poor exchange rate. With Varmstra, you benefit from great exchange rate and a low fee. Additionally, you get a great discount rate on your first transfers, just so for you to give Varmstra a try.

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Top class payment network

You get access to the latest money transfer technology with Varmstra, and we are always working hard to upgrade our service day by day. This speed and efficiency brings down costs, and why we shoulder the cost, we pass the savings on to you.

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Great rates for all Our Products

Thanks to our strong partnership relationships with trusted tier one partners that give us the flexibility to offer you the best competitive rates in the market.

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Attractive billing increments

We do our best to keep my dialer calling rates in per second and per 30 seconds billing to give our users or shop owners the possibility sell at great rates

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Freedom & Flexibility

We create multiple products and payment channels, to give you the flexibility to go for cheapest possible as it pleases you.

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Instant transfers to a great number of countries
Great discounts in all your first transfers.
Trusted by many customers globally.
Get started now and benefit from the lots of advantages of using our platform.