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Move Your Money Your Way

Anywhere, Anytime On The Go

Do more and safe time on a go with our mobile apps

Send and receive money virtually to 200+ countries worldwide.

Top-up mobile and landline of over 650 operators across 150 countries worldwide

Pay bills to most of the available countries worldwide that accept digital bill systems

Send and recieved money with Varmstra, a
Visionarms’ service.

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Delivering mobile top-up to millions worldwide

Recharge quickly and stay connected with the people that matter most.

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Make Payments Securely With 35+ Crypto-Currencies

Varmstra helps you use Crypto-Coins to

Pay for bills

Pay TV, internet, phone, Voip bills etc. to most countries Worldwide.

Send Money

Send money globally to your family and love ones.

Send Mobile Top-Up

Send airtime top-up to love ones in over 650 operators in 150+ countries worldwide.

Pay for international call Units

Pay for premium and cheap international call units without any hassle with your crypto currencies

A wide Choice Of Ways To Send Money Online

Varmstra is a flexible, rapid and secure platform that permit you send money online with your computer, tablet, and smartphone in a click in variety of ways
Mobile Money

Send money directly to mobile money accounts across Africa.

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Bank Transfer

Conveniently Send bank transfer directly to major bank account locally across Africa.

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International(swift) Transfer

Conveniently Send bank transfer directly to major bank account across Africa and the World.

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Mpessa Transfer

Send money directly to Mpessa accounts across Africa and the World

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Varmstra Wallet

SShare money with friends from any currency directly into a varmstra wallet from any part of the World.

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Mobile Top-Up

Send airtime to friends in plus 600 operators across 150 countries Worldwide.

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Flutterwave Wallets

Send securely to flutterwave wallets across Africa & the Worldwide.

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Paying Bills

PayTv,internet,phone, voip Bills securely in most countries Worldwide.

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What Makes Us Outstanding And The Best Among Others

Easy Setup

Your accounts setup within minutes with just a click.

Safe & Secure

We are using top trusted payment gateways that gives a 100% security for your funds and data.

Solution For All

We have a market structured to benefit all. Whether as a person, supermarket owner, cyber café shops, call shop ,reseller or Business etc

Multi-Function Accounts

A single signup with us, gives you access to load of products/services to sell & access of such accounts.

Tier 1 Partners

We have strong partnership with the top and best in the industry.

Fair, low Pricing & fees

We have the best exchange rates, fees & pricing ever and all display during every transaction.

One Click Access To Funds

All accounts with us comes with a virtual card feature that gives you a flexibility to manage and use your funds your own way in minutes.

Great Customer Support

We have a contact center, knowledge base, email & chat mediums to handle all worries 24/7 .

Truck Load Of Products

We have setup a one stop point for you have all you want from send money, top up, pay bills to cheap calls to family & friends.

Settling utility,voip,glocery,cable & telecom bills to millions worldwide

Pay your bill quickly and stay connected to the millions of services out there.

Select a Country

Pick an Operator

Chose a service

Enter Product

Freedom to move & use money your way

Varmstra offers a very wide ways to access the funds that you receive or store in your wallet and flexible ways you can use it through the help of virtual cards that’s accessible in all devices.
Cards with A Wide Range Of Opportunities
  • Card available for any level of customer due to it with high limits
  • Freedom to create as many card as you wish as per your need.
  • Multiple card and currency types
  • Link to wallet full with loads of Products
  • Accepted by PayPal and many highly trusted sites
  • Shop your way online, virtually anywhere, anytime.
  • Shop on Netflix, apple music, spotify, amazon music etc.

Varmstra helps you send money, Airtime top-up and so on to your love ones in few easy steps

1. Register

Sign up for your free Varmstra user or business or reseller account on web, iOS or Android and follow our easy process to set up your profile

2. Phone Number

For your security, confirm your register number used by entering the SMS code send to you by our data base.

3. Choose a product and start enjoying

If you choose to start as a user or personal account, then you are done. But if not, then learn more on our reseller/business registration guide. Choose one of the products and start enjoying

It’s never too late to get started

Get registered now and join the millions of friends already enjoying our products

Here’s what our customers have to say

"I travel a lot. Varmstra has saved me a fortune in calling back home with the mydialer and global top-up services"

Kay Hall

"Finally back home in UK after two wks im the US. very impressed with the first use of varmstra's money service. its simple fast with low fees in sending money to kenya. "


"I recommend Varmstra cards to anyone. use the virtual USD online, no hidden charges, best rate and smooth shopping. "

Jo H

Varmstra Rewards Program

Rewarding the mobile generation in this digital era.

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Worldwide top-up to over 500 networks across 140 countries